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The tripod mechanical equipment co., LTD., established in hangzhou2009Years In the company's developmentGrowing8In the year,We always provide customers with good products and technical support、A sound after-sales service,Our company is mainly engaged in business in general:Wholesale and retail:Mechanical equipment,Mechanical and electrical equipment(In addition to control),Machinery accessories,Wujinjiaodian,Computer and accessories,Metal materials,Building materials,Chemical products(In addition to hazardous chemicals and precursor chemicals);Service:Mechanical and electrical equipment(In addition to control)、Computer hardware and software technology developmentIs the first group authorized for sales company,A mountain group takes the core company holding group co., LTD. Is founded1956Years,The column2010The annual China machinery industry enterprises of the first80positio。

        Mountain group is one of the world's largest manufacturer of rock drill、One of the biggest manufacturer of air compressor in China、One of the largest drill equipment manufacturer in China。A mountain group total assets35One hundred million yuan,Including zhejiang quzhou、Shanghai lingang、Chongqing build industrial park, a total of five sites,Cover an area of an area1100m,The construction area43 Million square meters,The number of employees6000More than one。2010In a mountain group sales income35One hundred million yuan,2011Annual sales income43.4One hundred million yuan 。

       The first group of zhejiang complete co., LTD、Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co., Ltd、Zhejiang complete casting co., LTD、Zhejiang to open Mountain engineering machinery co., LTD32Members of the company。The first group, the main production drilling unit、The air compressor、DTH drill rig、Digging loaders and other large engineering machinery,The product has the internal combustion engine cylinder liner、Precision screw pair、Pneumatic tools、Rubber and plastic products、Drilling tools and so on nine big series18Broad categories1000Multiple varieties。

       A mountain group owns complete machinery Manufacturing system,Well-equipped,From the UK、The United States、Japan、German imports of advanced machining center、Modelling of automatic production line and heat Processing equipment and first-class testing facilities,All kinds of mechanical processing equipment1000More than one(Sets)。Precision machinery manufacturing、Heat treatment、The casting、Forging To build、Container manufacturing、Extrusion、Surface coating treatment、Cutting、Grinding and detecting the physical and chemical equipment are advanced equipment。Through the enterpriseISO9001:2008Quality system certification、ISO14001:2004Environmental management system certification andGB/T28001- 2001Occupational health and safety management system certification。

       A mountain”Brand products and their trademark for many years been rated as brand-name products in zhejiang province、Well-known firms in zhejiang province、Zhejiang saves famous label and so on the title won the domestic compressor industry"China's well-known trademarks"Title of enterprises。2009Years,The world famous screw compressor expert Dr Shang Yan join first,A mountain in North America r&d center in Seattle, “Research in North America To send、Made in China”Make a mountain on the compressor industry in the world technological frontier,Can really be with foreign brands to compete in the research and development manufacturing enterprise。Relying on the platform,First put forward the enterprise core values:Construction continued first-class innovation ability,Create value for users、To build the future。

       Complete product distribution network across the country on provincial,Sets2000Several marketing network,Have excellent sales service。The first group in the United States 、Germany、Japan、South Korea、Russia has15Home overseas outlets,Products sold in the world60To many countries and regions。

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